Students Adaptation Seminars

Workshop for our students on how to recognise and boost creativity, motivation and self-confidence.Students were divided into groups and they completed psychological tests to check their way of thinking, critical thinking.

In Turkey ;

“Activities for Developing Intelligence Areas ” were given 6 sessions to 1100 students by Tapduk Emre Elementary School Guidance Teachers.


In Romania;

4 adaptation workshops for the children with high potential were organized. These workshops were attended by about 60 students.

20 students at Geometry and Stop motion

15 students at  The science of colorful rain clouds

30 Students at Santa Claus Lego Town

45 students at Math and QR Codes

 In Macedonia ;

34 students at Motivation

In Poland;

17 students Achieving my personal and Professional Goals – setting my aims for the future career, self-motivation, my strong and weak points