Parents Info Seminars

We organized two types of Parents Information.

The First one is wide-range courses for most parents in Tuzla district .The other one is Special Courses for certain schools ( 5 applied school )of parents.

Parents were supported. That’s why the parents of students with the gifted risks attend ‘Parent Information Seminars’ activities.. This activity has involved trainings for families to solve their problems, improve abilities and understand their gifted students’ problems..

1.The Certain 5 Applied School of Parents Info Seminars :The 5 pilot schools of our project are Mimar Sinan Elementary School, Tapduk Emre Elementary School, Farabi Elementary School, Atatürk Elementary School, Ord. Professor Cahit Arf Elementary School and Hacıoğulları Hilmi Sonay Elementary School will be held simultaneously with Information Seminars. The trainings to be certified by the Tuzla National Education Directorate will be conducted by the Tuzla Guidance Research Center.

Parent Information Seminars’ consists of 8 training. These trainings have been prepared with the cooperation’s of local organizations according to the families interests and needs from different cultures.

These trainings include;

-identify the Gifted students with risks

– Development of the communication basics

– 6-10 age group and their problems

– Behavioral problems and ways to handle these problems

– Social media and students/children

– The reasons for conflicts in family and solutions for family problems

– New methodologies in gifted child raising

– Being good parents and basics in development of children