Parents-Child-Brain School

(Wide-range courses for most parents in Tuzla)

The University of Cologne is a training program for all age groups, consisting of patented games and exercises, which increases the brain capacity of individuals.

Deep Brain exercises are a brain training program that enhances brain capacity through visual perception, cognitive skills and exercises. Every child’s curriculum is hidden in itself. The goal of your exercises is how much light is burning in the minds of students or how many different jingles they touch. It is an innovative training program developed with games and exercises to support the neurological and motor development of totally entertaining individuals.

Parents and children will play together for one hour a day a week to develop both their minds and bodies and bring together their families.

1. Introductory program will be held in the conference hall. 2: Technology dependence 3: Welcome to your children’s brain: 4: Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder 5: Play and learning 6. Moving bodies will be given healthy minds training.7. Is it appropriate for the children and their own brain gender test and for the children to choose which occupation? 8. Do your children and your parents have the right brains? Left brains? Which vocations should the children direct? 9. Which eyes of children and parents are dominant? Which eye exercises should be applied for attention deficit?10. What should they do to think outside the door? How we should prepare children?