Early Alert System

Erken Alarm Sistemi Nedir?

Erken Alarm Sistemi, öğrencilerin istek ve hedefleri doğrultusunda farkındalık yaratarak kişisel başarı ve gelişimlerini desteklemek amacı ile ders başarısı, İlişki ve iletişim, kariyer, sosyal yasam ve hobiler konularında, sınıf öğretmenleri, sınıf rehber öğretmenleri ve veli işbirliği ile desteklenmesini içerir.


*****Bu birim, yıl sonunda öğrencilerin amaçlarını ve kariyer planını karşılaştıran bir rapor hazırlar.




This System was established in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practice Strategic Partnerships for School Education Project “Our Work To Extract Ores” by Work ORES Project Team as the first step to discover the students’ talent, ability, interest, needs and giftedness at the right time and at the right stage.




This is a unit that serves students from their first day in school to their last day. It will help student to have a career plan according to their own abilities/interests and needs and support them to reach their aims. Also it will help them in their academic achievements. In this unit, the counselor teachers and school counselor teachers will take part in. This unit will prepare a report comparing the students’ aims and their career plans at the end of the year.

Early Alert is an added layer to the efforts of the staff to contact and offer aid to a student. Early Alert helps students by connecting them to useful resources that will support them in their current situation.




This system works to discover the gifted students early. In this situation student will meet with the school commission teacher about individual guidance. In this situation, the counselor teacher, the school counselor and parents will have a meeting about the supportive courses and they will have good step to early discover the students .With “Early Alert System”, students will attend the classes more effectively.




*Increase the awareness at their own talents, intelligence.


*Gain the appropriate communication skills to ensure the cooperation between *parents and teachers.


*Increase the awareness of necessity and importance of education.


*Provide opportunity expressing themselves socially.


*Increase the motivation to gain positive attitudes towards learning


*To attend classes more effectively,


*To help them in their academic achievements,


*Release teachers are not just trainers, They are also a member of the family,


*Gain positive attiudes to school



*First discovering the hidden talent at the right age,


*Changing the attitude and the wrong information on the gifted children,


*Learning to respect and being more tolerate to other cultures and their values,


*Gain new abilitities in planning careers for students,


*Gain more powerful relationship with families and students,


*They will contribute the modern school model which is open the new pedogocical developments,


*They will have a good step to early discover the students.


In Early Alert Sytem -A Handbook Of Early Alert System was prepared.