In Poland(kick-off meeting- OCT 2016): Five participants from each partner school will participate this meeting. In this meeting, the participants will talk about all aspects of the projects. The meeting will be about;

-Establishing “Early Alert System” how to function it,

-“The methods of Discovering the Gifted” :We will interview in coordination with the Guidance Research Center and the other schools partners in Europe .Then we will organize   information meetings with them and design an educational road map for them.The most reliable test or tests will be decided transnationally in the LTT activity in Macedonia,March 2017.

– “ Parents Information Seminars” and how to function it,We will meet the parents of gifted ones and give information meetings

– Organizing “School Adaptation Seminars” and its work,

– The content of the competitions and their application ways,

– Deciding on the scope of the social activities such as, football, basketball, musical instruments, theatre, billiard supported by local organizations,

– Determining the content conferences and participants,

– Deciding on the content and application ways of the questionnaires ” we realize a gifted students around us.” “To identify the ones with the Gifted avaraness risks.

– Identifying the evaluation criteria’s of the questionnaires,

-Preparing the Press Release and cooperating with local media,

– The preparations for LTT activities,

– Identifying the content of the facebook

– The distribution of the responsibilities for facebook,

– The preparation and evaluation process of “Ore Book”,The distribution of the responsibilities for “Ore Book”

– The necessary preparations for “School Adaptation Seminar”,

– The measures to prevent lack of communication among partners,

– Emphasizing the distribution of the tasks and responsibilities among partners and reviewing necessary parts,

-Deciding on the content of the June 2017 video-conference the mid-term meeting,

– Any ideas, suggestions for a healthy process of the project,


In Turkey (The Final Meeting- MAY 2018):Three participants from each partner school will participate this meeting. It will be about:

-Evaluating project results,

-Exchanging information/experience for final report,

-Discussing dissemination activities,

-Preparing “Ore Book” for publication,

-The preparation and implementation progress of the “Ore Book“ introduction,

-Talking about the strategies on project sustainability.